Games Of 2011


Solitaire Games of Skill Sampler  v.1 9

Win difficult solitaire games more often and with up to 80% less effort. Cards in all rows are marked if they can change position allowing the player to see all possible moves at a single glance thus improving strategy.

How to Make Money by playing Video Games

Yes, you can actually make quite a bit of money simply from playing video games. Of course there is still effort involved, not to mention the hours that may be spent before you start seeing real dollars pouring in from your labours. With effort you will


Free Online Games  v.2.0

A free tool with 5000 free online games that for you to play by browser. Offer 5000 free online games. All games are free. All games are play online by browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla. No download, No Install. Including games of Action,

Rings of the Magi  v.2.00

Addictive game chosen by Computer Gaming World as the Best Puzzle game of the Year and one of the top 10 shareware games of all time. This all new version is even more spectacular and fun.

Astro Avenger  v.

Astro Avenger 2.0 is a space shooter with a slightly different upper view. The game view is not really upper view, but a high view of the rear part of the spaceship. As in many other games of this type that we may know, in Astro Avenger 2.


OutWit is a Game that needs both Trivia Knowledge and Strategy Skills. It can be played between two players or two teams. Multiple choice answers are supplied and Questions can be revisited until answered correctly. There are Twenty games of 30

Eudemons Online  v.2.0

Eudemons Online is a stunning Free-To-Play, Fantasy MMORPG, which combines a gorgeous western style with oriental aesthetic perspectives into a place of monsters and magic.

Click O Pack  v.1.0

Click-O-Pack is an arcade game designed for Windows. It comes with great graphics, effects and modes. The pack combines together four very popular games of click-and-pop type: Click Art, Cupidometry, Hawaiian Drops and Pop-a-Pearl.

PuzzlePack  v.2.0.0116

PuzzlePack is a pack of four games of computing skills for little kids. The pack includes the Pairs, Snake, Paintbook, and Slider games. The games will train your kids' memory, imagination, creativity, and perception reaction.

Xeno Assault II  v.1 2

Blast aliens and save the universe in an all new sequel to one of the most highly praised games of this year.

RedBlue Classics  v.1 1

Play the popular classic board games of Othello, Go-Moku, Connect-4, TicTacToe, TacTix, Nim and Qubic. Enjoy the state of the art artificial intelligence, the beautiful and easy to use interface and the classic Mozart music.

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